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This post is in collaboration with Desenio, painting and art trends available online.

Diwali is a special time in our culture, we deep clean, we redecorate, basically start afresh. While we had one huge wall waiting to re-done we also had some interesting space over my living room cabinet, so in this post, I will present you with the two variations. However, eventually, I decided to keep them in the dining room area mounted on the wall.

These prints bring in a cozy vibe to our living room, you can also reuse all these posters & move them from room to room just like I did.

What is Desenio?

An online place from where you can pick up the kind of design and art for your home or office that resonates with your personal style or with the mood board of your house. The idea behind is rather simple: “Everyone should have the economic means to access trendy and beautiful wall art.” At this time in our lives, where we are spending so much time in our homes and apartments a lil’ bit of art is not just aesthetically pleasing but it is an absolute mood enhancer.

How Desenio works?

It’s easy but you can spend hours on the website selecting the perfect product for your need – I say that since each design is more beautiful than the previous one. My love for subtle art, feathers, and quotes made me go for this combination. In case you are having a tough time selecting pieces especially when there are multiple, be sure to check out the picture walls section on the website.

I have to say; the shipment and delivery were quite fast and I had it delivered to my apartment within 5 days of placing an order. All their frames and artwork is very easy to put together, and also quite lightweight so that you can hang them up on the walls without worrying about it. The packaging is fantastic and there were no damages to any of the products I ordered.

The Final Look

And this is how it looks like in our humble abode.

You’ll be spoilt for choice on their website, but if you like the ones I chose, here are the names so that you can find them easily:

  • Close Up of Reeds
  • Make It Count
  • Dried Leaf
  • Textured Line Hands

The Best Part

All these amazing prints are from Desenio. Go ahead and check them out, you can also use my code “PRAGATI” which gives you 25% off posters* on all Desenio websites between the 3rd-5th of November. Follow @desenio for more inspiration!

*Except for frames and for handpicked and personalized posters.

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