Here’s how we helped expats crack the “Swiss Code” via a Webinar

Cracking the Swiss Code Webinar | My Swiss Story

As expats, we often form opinions about the Swiss, their culture, their uniqueness, and how they mingle with other nationalities – most of the time these opinions are influenced by our own apprehensions and hold us back from seeing the bigger picture…but how to know what’s right and what’s not?

Whether you are a newcomer, expat, or international professional, understanding Swiss culture and its unique nuances can greatly contribute to your successful integration and enhance your overall experience in this beautiful country.

As you all know, I moved to Switzerland from India 7 years back and this was a 180-degree cultural shift for me. From learning the language to understanding the Swiss norms and work culture, I had a lot on my plate with no concrete advice and resources to navigate this shift! So, I thought “Why not hand out exactly what I was missing via a Webinar?” It was high time we turn the tables, so I decided to bring together 3 Swiss women from diverse backgrounds crack the “Swiss code” with PRACTICAL tips and strategies that work!

Cracking the Swiss Code Webinar | My Swiss Story

All you need to know about the “Cracking the Swiss Code”

“Cracking the Swiss Code” was a panel discussion packed with practical knowledge, tips, and strategies to help non-Swiss crack the code of Swiss culture and integrate into the Swiss Culture effectively. During this webinar, we delved into the key elements of Swiss culture, including communication styles, social norms, work etiquette, and lifestyle, to help people navigate the Swiss landscape with confidence and ease.

Here are the highlights from the Webinar, in case you missed it:

💫Our 3 panelists discussed all things necessary to #Swissfy one’s life and covered topics ranging from Swiss culture, Swiss communication styles, social norms, work etiquette, lifestyle, and more.

💫The session was a safe space for questions and our panelists and participants made it super interactive! Trust me when I say this, the chat box was filled with all things Swiss. I loved the fact that the participants did not hold back from sharing their personal experiences with the Swiss. (It was delightful to read it all)

💫Everyone who attended the webinar took back some value, practical tips, and of course, cheat codes from it!

💫 Last, but not least, we laughed off our faux pas as newcomers in Switzerland, conducted some fun polls…and got set to embrace the new life in Switzerland ahead 🤗

For anyone who could not make it for this one, don’t worry! We’ve got a lot in store for you!

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