Getting the PERFECT Winged Eyeliner

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Hey, Guys!

During the last week, I was invited by one of Be for Beauty’s client and good friend – Daniela Thuring at her cozy store called Dhania GMBH for an eyeliner/makeup tutorial. As you folks might be aware, that our niche and expertise have always been beauty and we have numerous articles on beauty and makeupup regime. You can find them all here, I can assure you some great rituals and make up tips.

We are also very particular about the products that we use and not just the craft. As a promise to our readers, we always try everything that goes up on the blog – based on our experience we sometimes do NOT vouch for certain products. You gotta love us for it.

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Moving on, to a sunny winter afternoon, I reach Daniela’s place – we chit chat and then begin. The last time I visited her, I wanted to buy some organic makeup especially since I had lost my makeup bag in Montreux. My personal makeup style has always been very basic – a light base, no compact, liquid eyeliner, and my matte lipstick. I think all my daily products are from Lakme – I know am in the haven of cosmetics, however, it’s hard to give up on what works. However, my loss turned out to be the reason of this little experiment.

20161130 132321When I told Daniela that I could only use the liquid eyeliner, she was a little surprised as the pencil/shadow is supposed to work better. Practice is the usual trick here but the advantages of using a shadow with a brush is the softness (with the look), and the varied size as the application is with a brush.

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It’s TIME to apply:

Step 1: Start with the inner part of the eye and move towards the outer corner. Try to do this in a single stroke cuz the more you move – both hand and eye, the more crooked the line gets. The tip of your brush also determines the texture. If you prefer to have a thicker line – you can either use a different brush and repeat this a couple of times to get the perfect thickness.

20161130 130507Step 2: In case you prefer a winged liner, then drag the line a little longer and curve it at the end. Since all eye shapes and types are different, a trend that might be in right now – might not be for all the women out there. Hence, my suggestion is to try it out a couple of times before hand to perfect the wing that suits you. Personally I prefer a small wing at the outer end of the eye lid.

Step 3: (Bonus tips) For the eyes, always apply a concealer first and then apply the liner and kohl. My eyes pop out on days when I use both: liner on the lid and kohl on the downward part.

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Step 4: (Extra bonus tip) You can use a compact or a lighter eye shadow to complete the look.

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If you need more of a visual, here’s a video that might help you out.

Daily makeup shouldn’t be too dramatic, leave the drama to special occasions and night outs. Try to keep the look as neutral and natural as possible.

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Products that we used during this session: Biofficina Toscana (primer), ZUI – eye shadow, concealer and compact. You can buy the products here or purchase similar products that are available in the drug stores/beauty stores near you. Natural and Organic products are definitely the right direction and a safe bet.

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Do you have eye make-up and product tips? We would love to hear about them in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

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