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Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

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Anna: Hi! My name is Anna Vichery and I am a professional singer. I was born and brought up in the wonderful city of Lucerne, Switzerland. After living in Zurich for a few years, I now live in beautiful Obstalden at Walensee in a house with farm animals. I really enjoy living in a quiet area amidst nature and calm.

A positive mindset, nature, and conscious living are very important, and they have changed my life completely.

Tell us a little about your job

After working as a professional classical singer in operas, opérettes, and classical concerts for some time, I started my own business in 2016. It all began when I sang at my sister’s wedding. After that many colleagues asked me if I could sing at their weddings which led me to sing at funerals, birthdays, and other private or business events.

Nowadays, I love to sing for other people on their special occasions. I give it my all to make their special moments memorable. I always knew that music has a lot of power and magic and that it can create a beautiful environment but now when I sing as a wedding singer I can feel that music can make special moments even more special and can touch everybody’s heart.

I am thankful to see how music can help through hard times and give strength and hope in those sad moments.

Tell us your story

I started singing when I was 8 years old in the choir and that’s how I began singing professionally after which I sang at many concerts as a soloist while I was still a kid. In my 20s, I sang in a lot of operas and operettas; but in 2016 I started my own business as an event singer and realized that being your own boss came with its own set of challenges.

Running your own business was challenging and I experienced burn out; now I take it slow and make sure that I am taking care of myself before the people around me. “You need to be your own best friend first….”

What’s a day like in your life

What I love about my job, is that I do not really have a daily routine. Every day is a different day, the only thing consistent is my morning self-love ritual. At times I am working from home and I am on calls with potential clients and on the other days, I am working on my voice and planning my events. My favorite days are the ones when I can sing in front of an audience and see the joy in the eyes of my clients.

For women entrepreneurs, what specific advice would you have

As I already said before, the most important advice I can give to woman business owner is to take time out for yourself! And give up on the idea of perfection! (Perfection only caused me a sever burn out.)

And lastly, listen to your heart and trust your gut feelings!

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