Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Lin Chong

Entrepreneur of the Month - Meet Linn Chong

It’s that time of the month, yes the time when we bring to you the story of another woman entrepreneur in Switzerland, most of the women we feature in this section are all about positivity and re-invention. I always say this but I’ll say it again, I love how My Swiss Story has become a platform for women entrepreneurs, leaders, and content creators where we get to tell you their stories. This is one part of my content creation journey that I love dearly!

Today, I bring to you the story of Lin, who after working for several years in the corporate world, opened a dance school with her husband in Dubai and if that wasn’t enough – she became a ketogenic coach with an online bakery, desserts and grocery shop called Lin Switzerland after moving to Switzerland. Intrigued? Without further ado, get to know our entrepreneur of the month, Lin Chong.

Q: Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

Entrepreneur of the Month - Meet Linn Chong

I’m Lin Chong, originally from Singapore, and have now been in Switzerland for around 5 years. Before moving to Switzerland, I stayed in Dubai for 10 years where I ran a dance school along with my husband. I absolutely love Switzerland, I love the adventure that it offers as well as the opportunity to discover the rest of Europe due to close proximity to so many bucket list destinations.

I’ve always been an extremely energetic and motivated soul, always in the mood to explore unknown territories. And when I discover something that touches my soul, I work on it incessantly almost as a woman possessed. 😉

Q: Tell us about your current business

I am a keto lifestyle coach and I enjoy helping people attain healing and better health through the ketogenic diet. In 2021 to support my clients, I founded Lin Switzerland, an online keto bakery, desserts, and grocery shop. 

Browse Lin’s fresh bakery here, to find handmade Artisanal breads, pastries, cookies and desserts.

Q: Tell us your story, how did you come up with this idea?

I left the corporate world more than 10 years ago and it was then that I knew that it wasn’t for me. Post which, my husband and I taught Argentine Tango professionally for several years, and we even had our own dance school in Dubai. Even though we moved to Switzerland due to family reasons we continued to work in Argentine Tango.

After arriving in Switzerland, I obtained the certification as a Keto Lifestyle Coach as I had always been very passionate about health and nutrition. I knew this was my calling, especially after my mother’s sudden demise due to breast cancer; her illness had a big impact on me and I have been constantly looking for answers since then.

I have been dieting all my life to maintain my weight and with a family history of cancer – I wanted to put nutrition at the heart of it. I always knew about the ketogenic diet but never delved deeper into it. In the recent years as more literature became available, my study in this area intensified and through this process and of course with a ton of self-experiments, I became convinced about its healing powers. This led me into becoming a coach.

My keto bakery was founded in 2021 to support my clients who faced trouble with both starting and staying on the keto diet because of the unavailability of food choices in Switzerland. They were missing their usual staples like bread and pasta. The keto bakery started to get “sold out” – much to my surprise. As it had shown so much potential, I decided to take it a step further. Last year, we started our production kitchen and expanded the range of fresh bakery products, and added grocery items. At the moment, I am dedicated to growing and expanding this business.

Running a business in Switzerland for me is just about as easy and difficult as running a business in Dubai or Singapore. Each place has its pros, cons and challenges. Its really about navigating these challenges and taking the opportunities as they present themselves.

Q: What is a day like “in your heels?” or if you wear Flats (like me)

I sleep for about 5 hours a day and that’s enough for me. I am full of energy and that is because of the keto diet – this really is one of the benefits.

I start at 5 am each day (sometimes even earlier); after doing some administration work, I’m off to the bakery. The day’s baking and packing are done at about 3 pm. I take a short lunch break at 3 pm and then I am back at my desk – sometimes coaching calls with clients, more admin work, marketing – so on and so forth.

The life of an entrepreneur is a non-stop marathon.

Q: For women entrepreneurs/leaders/content creators, what specific advice would you have?

It’s really wonderful to see the community spirit inside Switzerland – all of these are BY women and FOR women. It’s important to discover these and leverage them for mutual benefits. Networking is important and one shouldn’t shy away from asking – collaborations create opportunities that help us all grow!

I hope for more and more women communities to come together; and that these networks expand and these positive energies continue to support people.

You can connect with Lin through her social media accounts: Facebook | Instagram

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