Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Monia Pyraki

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It’s that time of the month again, a time to meet our “Entrepreneur of the Month”, the time when we at My Swiss Story present extraordinary stories of women across the globe to inspire, motivate and provide insightful information to our audience. So, keeping the tradition of supporting and celebrating women entrepreneurs on this platform, today we have yet another story of the journey of Monia Pyraki – a Life and business coach with a deep passion for well-being. I have met Monia, both virtually and physically and I can tell you that her energy and liveliness is almost infectious! After reading her journey, I can understand the WHYs and the HOWs much better.

Intrigued to know more about her business, enthusiasm and motivation? Read on as she gets candid about the nitty-gritties of her life, business, and passions.

Q: Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

My Swiss Story: Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Monia Pyraki

My name is Monia Pyraki, I am a Life and Business coach with a deep love for wellness and entrepreneurship. I originally come from Greece and I am a mum of twin boys. If I had to name 3 things I am passionate about, then they would be – personal growth, professional development and well-being.

My journey with people and business began at a young age. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, through close observation and work I discovered the essential ingredients of success at an early age: connection, communication, collaborations, strategy, and an appetite for risk.

My academic background is in Business Management, I studied at the American College of Greece, and did my Master’s Degree in Surrey University in Tourism and Event Management. I was fortunate since I got to combine my educational background, family heritage and various job experiences into my journey as a coach. I am an ICF (International coaching Federation) certified coach and I have always been a passionate about supporting people, enabling them in overcoming challenges and eventually helping them realize their full potential.

A little known fact about me – I am also a certified Yoga and Meditation teacher, and I can attest to the fact that it is one of the most handy skills in my life as well as my business.

Combining my 10+ years’ experience in  my former Corporate roles including event and project management, training , and leadership programs I have built, coached ,and led teams of volunteers and staff while working for Major Sport Events around the world including the Olympic Games (Athens 2004 Olympic Games, London 2012 Olympic Games, Torino Winter Olympics 2006, Doha Arab Games 2011 ).

Q: Tell us about your current business

Building on my enthusiasm and passion for making a difference in people’s lives – I founded my own business in 2020, “Monia Pyraki Coaching and Wellness”  which offers a range of coaching and training services ( VIP coaching days,  workshops, retreats , and more) and caters to both individuals and teams.

Through my coaching, I empower (mainly) women in creating sustainable businesses and help them by creating a strong vision besed on their goals backed up by strategies that help them utilize their resources in the best possible manner. Whether you are starting a new business or you already have one, my goal is to provide you with the right resources and tools to help you create abundance in your life!

My top services include – drafting a business plan together, getting clarity on your signature offer/lead generation magnet as well as formulating selling strategies for your product or service. In my experience, I have often noticed that mind blocks and limiting beliefs come up during my exercises, I also coach my clients in getting over those.

My mission is to inspire and support women pursue a life of freedom, creativity and ease.

Apart from the above, I also organize business and wellness retreats – my most recent one was held in Myknos, Greece where women entrepreneurs took some time off to focus on themselves while working on their business. It was a rewarding experience for me and my co-host!

My Swiss Story: Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Monia Pyraki

And if that wasn’t above, I also design life planners and it comes from my deep routed love for stationary! My 2022 Life Planner & Diary included coaching tools that helped people set goals, sit back and reflect, as well as set priorities in order to bring more clarity, balance, and joy in their lives. This planner was a big success and was SOLD OUT in weeks, I am very grateful for this year’s version in collaboration with Common Modern 2023 “My Modern Life Planner” – it will help you create goals that excite you, focus on things that matter and will help you master habits on a quarterly, monthly and weekly basis. To get yours, click here.

I am so excited!! If you’re interested to know more about my coaching services, the events I organize, and my planner – check out my website here!

Q: Tell us your story, how did you come up with this idea?

Where should I start?!

Well before creating my own business in Switzerland, I was an Event Manager – organizing big sports events around the world, including the Olympic games, World cups, and Championships. I have lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Qatar and have also worked with my parents in Rhodes in our family business in retail. So while entrepreneurship is not new to me, my current business is my first in Switzerland, and that too after becoming a mum. ( You know that makes a difference- well if you know, you know!)

Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Monia Pyraki

I moved to Zurich in 2018, with my husband and our twin boys who were back then only 6 months old. It was a hard time! I remember spending hours trying to find the “right” job for me, I knew that going back to event planning or even to a corporate job with all the traveling involved wasn’t an option with little kids. And hence, I decided that it was time to realize my own dream and create my own business which was centered around my passion for supporting women-owned businesses!

A lot of hard work went behind running a business in Switzerland, but so far the experience has been joyful! Anyone who’s trying to establish and run a business in Switzerland should – connect with women that already own a business, get an accountant that understands the local system, and make sure that they have their business foundations in place.

Q: What is a day like “in your heels?” or if you wear Flats (like me)

Flats for sure, I don’t think I have worn heels since I had the twins. ( so 4.5 years now!!!)

I wake up at 6 AM and I absolutely love my morning routine. As part of it, I take some time to journal, a 5 min break or meditation, and read 10 pages of my book while enjoying my morning cup of coffee. This really sets me up for the day!

Once the kids are up, I prep them for school and start my coaching calls around 9 AM. (Some meetings are in-person and some are via zoom) My first break is my 20-minute power walk after lunch and after 3.30 pm, I pick up my boys from school and become a full-on “soccer mom”!

Thankfully, I love cooking, so I prepare dinner and we all eat together as a family almost every day.

Q: For women entrepreneurs/leaders/content creators, what specific advice would you have?

Here’s my advice for all those lovely ladies out there, the ones who are at the edge 🙂

My Swiss Story: Entrepreneur of the Month – Meet Monia Pyraki
  • Start before you are ready
  • Consistency is the key to success
  • Find your tribe – a community of “like-minded” women
  • Believe in the power of your dreams
  • Ask for help if you need too
  • Get clear on what differentiates you, what you are really good at, what you have to share with the world, and do more of that!
  • There are things you can’t control and things you can, focus your energy on the latter!
  • There will always challenges – but if you have a clear “vision and a why” it will be easier for you to focus on the advantages of being an ex-pat woman business owner 💪🏻

And, finally always remember to take care of YOURSELF !

If you’d like to like to learn more about Monia and her business, check out her Instagram and LinkedIn. You can also visit the website at www.monia-pyraki.com for more information on her coaching products and services. The testimonials on her website speak for themselves!

If you are a female entrepreneur or know one whose story needs to be heard, we’re waiting to hear from you.

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