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Another month, another feature 😉 We’re back with yet another inspiring story in our “Entrepreneur of the Month” series – a series where we present extraordinary stories of women across the globe to inspire, motivate and provide insightful information to our audience. So, keeping the tradition alive, I am super excited to share the journey of Melitta Campbell with you all!

Melitta is an award-winning Business and Communication Coach, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host and Speaker, focused on helping women confidently build and grow a profitable business that enables them to live their purpose and secure the balanced lifestyle they desire. When I met her recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on the incredible podcast hosted her and we dove deep into how I converted my passion project (My Swiss Story) into a business, tracing its humble beginnings to the remarkable success it enjoys today. 🌟Listen to the podcast here if you haven’t already!

….and read on as Melitta shares her journey to becoming a self-taught networking ninja and how she came to be known as “The Value Whisperer”

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

I’m Melitta Campbell. I grew up in Swansea on the south coast of Wales in the UK, but moved to Switzerland nearly 20 years ago.

We moved as my (now) husband was offered a job here, but I feel it was meant to be, as 5-minutes after I resigned from my job in London, my company released a job posting for my exact job but based in Geneva. My boss quickly ripped up my resignation letter and put me forward for the role.

The move was harder than I expected, as I realized that to meet people I would have to get out and start networking for the first time.

As a shy introvert, I was terrified. But eventually I learned the skills and it set me on an exciting path to not only meet lots of fascinating people and progress in my career, but also to become a public speaker and author too!

More about that later ; )

We got married a year after arriving in Switzerland and we started our family a couple of years after that. It feels like a lifetime ago since we arrived. I now live in Montreux in a lovely chalet overlooking the lake. And last year our family welcomed Isla, a Coton x Shih Tzu x Fox Terrier cross. I think we are complete now : )

Tell us about your current business. How did you become a business coach?

I started my own business 15-years ago now, and it’s evolved a lot over the years.

Today, I’m known as ‘The Value Whisperer’ for the way I help women with a service-based business to identify their True Value, and weave this through their marketing, sales, and operations so that their ideal clients quickly see them as the service provider of choice.

I love this work as it brings together all my experience and knowledge around marketing, communications, sales and leadership, together with my mindset coaching and my own experiences of building and growing my own businesses.

You can learn more on my website: www.melittacampbell.com

Melitta Profile 1 Credit Zori Art Photography

I am committed to helping a million women to thrive in business. So, alongside my paid offers, such as my signature: Dream Clients Blueprint programme, I also share my knowledge through my social media presence, particularly on LinkedIn and YouTube , my blog , and my podcast, the Driven Female Entrepreneur on which I’ve interviewed more than 150 successful women so far.
I am also the author of the best-seller: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Networking, and I’m currently working on the second book in that series: A Shy Girl’s Guide to Marketing. And I’ve co-authored 4 books, on small business marketing, how to start a business, success secrets and my speaker journey.

What led you to decide that you wanted to become a business coach?

Once my first daughter was born, I quickly realised that I didn’t want to return to the corporate job I so loved. But I did want to have some form of business activity. I had studied and worked in Marketing and Communications for 15-years, so I decided to freelance as a communications consultant.

Thanks to my previous networking efforts, and the fact that I was part of the Geneva Communicators Network committee, I was able to grow this business quickly and earn 6-figures around my family. However, 8-years in I realised that I wasn’t doing work that I found personally fulfilling and I came close to burn out.

I went back to my network to explore other ways I could use my skills and experience to help people. I saw that there were many women like me, who had started a business to have the flexibility to work around their family. Only many were struggling as they didn’t know how to sell themselves, even if they had had a career in marketing or sales. I quickly saw how I could help.

Entrepreneur of the Month: My Swiss Story - Meet Melitta Campbell |  Business and Communication Coach, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host and Speaker in Switzerland
Image Credit-Marta-Villacampa

So five years ago I created and launched ‘The Dream Clients Blueprint’, a 12-week programme that guides (mostly) women to identify their True Value, and then communicate, market and sell this with greater ease and joy. It enables them to quickly start working with more of their dream clients, so they can enjoy more income and feel proud of the positive impact they are having.

But it doesn’t stop there. I’ve learned first hand just how important self-compassion and balance is in achieving true success, so I help my clients create a business that also enables them to live their dream lifestyle. And, as a certified mindset coach, I also help my clients build their self-belief and confidence too. This helps them avoid imposter-like feelings, doubt and overwhelm, and instead experience steady personal and business growth.

I love seeing my clients and their business transform into something that allows them to live their purpose and enjoy their life to the full. Many business owners feel you have to work around the clock in order to succeed, so I love showing people that is not the case. Even if you have ambitions to lead a multi-million franc enterprise, you can still enjoy balance.

Entrepreneur of the Month: My Swiss Story - Meet Melitta Campbell |  Business and Communication Coach, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host and Speaker in Switzerland

I work with clients around the world, but I particularly enjoy supporting my Swiss-based clients. We have so much in common, and I understand the challenges of building a business in a country where you don’t necessarily have the support or connections that would make things easier.

Being introverted, none of the strategies I teach my clients are loud, fancy or expensive. Instead, I help them focus on developing meaningful connections and relationships. It makes their business feel more aligned and authentic to their real personality. I think it’s quite a different approach to many of the other business coaches out there.

And it’s the approach that lead my clients to call me ‘The Value Whisperer’. As one client put it: “You help me gently whisper my value to my clients, so I can gently guide them in ways that feel natural to us both. I’m now able to attract my perfect clients and have a much deeper impact.” 

What is a day like “in your heels?”

The beauty of running my business from my home office is that I no longer have to wear heels all day – so I’ll describe a day in my Ugg Slippers and mermaid tail blanket (check out my Instagram to see what that looks like)

My day usually starts with some stretches, before all the chaos of getting two kids ready for school. Even though they are teenagers now, it’s no less manic. Once they leave, I’ll take the dog for a walk, it’s a great way to set up the day, before making a nice big coffee and settling into work.

I make a point not to check my email first thing – this is simply a everyone else’s priorities, not mine. Instead, I’ll refer to the action plan for the day that I created the day before.

At 08:30 I have a quick meeting with my VA, and create some social media content. This is mostly content I’ve planned or created in advance. But sometimes I have something topical I want to share – especially on a Thursday when my latest podcast episode is released. I then do my client follow-ups and social media outreach.

With those core daily activities ticked off, it’s time to get stuck into my main priority of the day. This maybe creating content for one of my programmes, creating a video, blog post or guest post for an industry publication, or having a conversation with a new prospect for example. I try not to have more than one core priority per day. It ensures I always end the day feeling accomplished and motivated. I do, however, have 2-3 other sub-tasks that I can move onto once my priority is complete.

Before lunch, I’ll take the dog for a nice walk. I’m fortunate to have nature on my doorstep, which is always inspiring. On this walk, I’ll often listen to an audiobook or podcast to support my personal growth.

Continual learning is something that’s important to me.

In the afternoons I have my client sessions before my kids come home from school around 4pm. I could work longer and, if I’m working on an important short-term project I might choose to work on a bit more. But generally, I try to never work past 5pm, so I have time for my kids.

Even though they are teenagers and fairly independent these days, I want to be sure they always feel fully supported and that I nurture our relationship. Partly for selfish reasons, as I love being around them, but also I’m conscious that they exist in a potentially anxiety-educing time, so I want to be sure they always feel comfortable to speak to me about any concerns they have and have. So far this works well.

In the evening, I either switch off and spend time with my friends or family. Or I’ll attend Toastmasters or a networking event. On a Friday, I have what I’ve called ‘Friday Business School’. This is time for my own personal development and personal projects – like working on my book. It’s a nice way to lead into the weekend. I used to take one-week off per-quarter for this purpose, but something always came up to stop me from dedicating a whole week to my own creative work and learning. Doing it once a week is working much better for me.

As an entrepreneur yourself, what advice would you like to give to your fellow women entrepreneurs/authors/content creators?

My big advice for other female entrepreneurs and creators is to focus on your own needs and priorities first. It’s the only way we will ever feel fulfilled and have the level of impact that matches the vision we have in our mind.

I know this is easier said than done. So, I recommend getting a coach, finding a community, or having an accountability buddy to support you. It is possible to have a thriving business and a life, as I hope you have seen in my own story, and through the stories of the women I interview on my podcast. If you feel stuck in this respect, ask for help. I’m always here to support you, but there are many others out there who can help you too.

I’m often asked how I get so much done. My answer is ‘I don’t’. I just focus on my priorities first. That often gives the impression that I’m doing a lot, as I focus on content and work that is valuable, impactful and significant (that’s my personal guiding principle). But I work a lot less than most people imagine.

Entrepreneur of the Month: My Swiss Story - Meet Melitta Campbell |  Business and Communication Coach, Best-Selling Author, Podcast Host and Speaker in Switzerland
Image Credit-Zori-Art-Photography

I always remind my clients: Yes, you can do everything – just not at the same time ; )

And I think this brings me to the advantage and disadvantage of being an expat business owner.

Like most expats, I don’t have family nearby and my husband travels a lot. This hasn’t been easy – but then I don’t thing starting and running a business is easy under any circumstances. But it has prompted me to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible, so I can create a meaningful impact and not go insane in the process. It has also prompted me to build a strong network and communities to support me. It might have been easier to start a business in my home country, but I’m not sure my business would be as strong.

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