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Yes, we heard you and we know it’s been a while! So, we’re back with another inspiring story of another Entrepreneur! “Entrepreneur of the Month”, is a series at My Swiss Story where we present extraordinary stories of women across the globe to inspire, motivate and provide insightful information to our audience. So, keeping the tradition of supporting and celebrating women entrepreneurs on this platform, today we have yet another story of the journey of Esther Buerki – who is a Writer, Book Writing Expert, and Podcaster from Winterthur. I was a guest on her podcast a while back and we had an quite an insightful discussion which led me to share her story with my audience as well. Hear it if you haven’t already. 😉
Anyways, read on as she shares her journey to finding her passion in writing and then turning into a podcaster.

Q: Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

Esther Buerki swissmadestory.ch

Although I grew up in Aarau, Switzerland, I never felt Swiss. The main reason for this was the stories I read as a teenager. I read stories that were set in Tibet or the desert, and I always dreamed of travelling the world when I grew up, which is what I eventually set out to do! I left for Paris when I finished my Matura with a big suitcase and heart full of dreams – totally on my own. After an exciting year in Paris, I returned to Zurich to study literature in French, English, and German, to reconnect with my love of reading and immersing myself in books.

I always wanted to write books, do readings, and I saw myself signing my books for the readers. But…I was afraid. I was afraid of criticism.

That’s why I kept back with my dreams for more than 35 years.

Cut to now, I am a Writer, Book Writing Expert, and Podcaster staying in Winterthur.

Q: Why did you become a writer?

I’ll be honest, being a writer was not my first choice of career. I tried my hands at working as a journalist and communication specialist in big newspapers and Swiss corporations first. But, this turned out to be the lowest point in my life – mentally and professionally. I knew something was just not right.

My life turned around when I met coaches who told me to do the things I always dreamed of. And that was when I started writing and publishing books.

My first book was the children’s book “Leonard and Loulou” which even got published by the New Yorker Publishing House Morgan James, after which the writer in me kept going! With back to back releases, I was unstoppable! At the same time, I started inspiring and coaching others to write their children’s books or their own memoirs for adults. Although this journey was thrilling, I knew I had to let out what was inside me via my work. This is when I decided to publish my recent work.

Last autumn, I finally published my story about fear and how I overcame it – “Living Without Fear”. The book also contains 55 inspirational texts that I had produced for my podcast with the same name when Covid hit, and I didn’t feel like continuing writing and publishing my book. Nobody knew how this crazy time would end. That’s why I decided to launch a weekly podcast where I alternate today between solo episodes and interviews with amazing women, like, for example, the founder of My Swiss Story, Pragati Siddhanti. Check out the podcast here.

Q: How did you manage “Living Without Fear” In Real Life?

The journey wasn’t easy. From managing my studies, finding a job as a journalist, looking for new jobs when I got laid off, to getting divorced. I managed all those life disturbances, but when I had to overcome another new obstacle, I always felt as the biggest failure in my family and among my friends. Depression was the other companion to my fear until I came across Tony Robbins, the famous motivational speaker in the States, a few years ago. With one of his performance results coaches, I learnt and still learn how to manage my state and my emotions.

As a hypersensitive person, I always believed that suffering was part of my identity. Now, I know I can change my emotional state anytime and, in a few heartbeats, or minutes.

Day long suffering because of wrong expectations, deceptions, discussions with not like-minded people belong to the past.

My goal for the next 20 or more years, I’m now 60, is to help others overcome their anxieties and fears and inspire them to do the things they always dreamt of like for example writing books or starting a particular project or travelling to India with me and a group of like-minded women.

Q: What is a day like “in your heels”?

Esther Buerki Mai 21 Edited Snapseed

Walking barefoot or in flipflops are my favorites…;) My morning rituals are sacred to me. I start with Egoscue exercises while listening to inspirational podcasts from Mel Robbins, Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer, Lewis Howes, and Tom Bilyeu.

After having awakened my body, I meditate and journal about all my thoughts. I might ask myself questions which popped up during the sitting and I look for answers while writing. This is a very powerful process to grow mentally. My working days are filled with coaching, writing, producing podcast episodes, and organizing readings, and I either go for a 60-minute walk in the woods or I swim two kilometers alone in the swimming hall or together with my swim mates a few more kilometers in lakes.

Q: What specific advice do you have for fellow women?

Being a woman in Switzerland, working in a corporate environment isn’t always easy. I consider the climate for women and expats as rather tough. Resilience is the only remedy to all obstacles – also for female entrepreneurs. Back then, when I was in my 30s or 40s, I didn’t believe that everything starts within, with myself. But today, I’m strongly convinced that the daily inner work, talking to the inner wounded child, and practicing meditation and constant gratitude are the keys to the success in the outer world.

But ask yourself over and over again:

What does success mean to you? Why do you want this kind of success? What does it mean to you once I’ll be having achieved it? Do you think it really makes you happy? How important will this achieved goal be when you’re on the doorway to leave this world at the end of your life?

Don’t give up asking you all these questions. They will bring you closer to your happiness and peace of mind.

And most importantly, don’t compare yourself to other women but always with your older self.

I wish you all the success, bliss, and joy which you’re searching for – maybe for years. Heartfelt thanks for following my work as a Writer, Book Writing Expert, and Podcaster.

If you’d like to like to learn more about Esther and her work, feel free to connect with her on YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook.

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