ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH: MEET ANISA ZAFAR – A Meditation Teacher and Resilience and Trauma Coach in Switzerland

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Another month, another feature 😉 We’re back with yet another inspiring story in our “Entrepreneur of the Month” series – a series where we present extraordinary stories of women across the globe to inspire, motivate and provide insightful information to our audience. So, keeping the tradition alive, I am super excited to share the journey of Anisa Zafar with you all!

Anisa is certified meditation teacher , resilience mentor,  intuitive painter, teacher, author and a dear friend of mine. 😉 I have also had the privilege of hosting two successful events with her in the past within our With Purpose initiative. If you’d like to have a glimpse of how she worked her magic and how we practiced meaningful networking, click here.

Read on as Anisa shares her journey on how she balances the several hats she wears – all while following her passion and helping her clients navigate the complexities of life and empowering them to find balance.

Please tell our readers a little bit about yourself

I am Anisa Zafar, originally from Iran. I’m a passionate meditation teacher, resilience and trauma coach, intuitive painter, writer, and speaker. My journey has taken me from Iran to Italy, where I went to university and lived for around 13 years, and I also spent a year in Lyon, France. Currently, I’ve been residing in Switzerland with my husband for seven years.

One of my recent achievements is co-authoring the best-selling Amazon book, “Inspired Journeys: Women Rock Switzerland “ and I’ve also authored the “HEAL & SHINE intuitive cards.”

Apart from this, I’ve just published my latest book, “Emotional Healing Through Art: The Colourful Secret of Creating Inner Strength.”

My purpose with my services is to help busy, successful, and conscious women and men slow down, increase their energy levels, boost their confidence, and enhance their decision-making and resilience skills. This way, they can enjoy better relationships and live a fulfilled, balanced, joyful life while avoiding burnout.

In addition to my Trauma and Resilience coaching and Meditation training in Switzerland, I’m involved in teaching and painting, and my works are exhibited in different international exhibitions, available for viewing and purchase.

I’m an active individual who loves building community and connecting people. Creating, whether it’s through coaching, painting, or writing, fills my heart with joy.

Besides my professional pursuits, I also enjoy hiking with my husband and immersing myself in nature, which inspires and nourishes my soul. I’m also the Co-founder of Women Networking Basel with Pragati, an initiative aimed at connecting women and creating a safe space for sharing their thoughts. We started this project in 2023, and our heartfelt wish is to grow and attract more women to this unique space for connection and inspiration.

In conclusion, I consider myself a citizen of the world!  

Tell us about your current business. How did you become a Meditation teacher, Resilience and Trauma coach in Switzerland?

At my core, I am dedicated to serving both women and men who are seeking a balanced and fulfilling life while also striving to avoid burnout and create better relationships with themselves and those around them. I understand the challenges that can arise from the demands of modern life, and I am here to provide guidance and support. Whether you are a woman or a man, I believe that everyone deserves to live a life that is harmonious, joyful, and free from the overwhelming effects of burnout. Together, we will work towards creating a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle that promotes well-being and inner peace.

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH: MEET ANISA ZAFAR - A Meditation Teacher and Resilience and Trauma Coach in Switzerland

I coach and teach both 1:1 individual clients as well as groups. Additionally, I offer group mentoring workshops around the topic of avoiding burnout and building resilience for corporations.  

What I often see is that many people are not fully aware of the signs of burnout, which can make it difficult to address and prevent. It is important to recognize the signs early on to avoid the negative impact it can have on individuals and society as a whole.

Burnout is indeed a significant issue that can have both economic and health consequences, and it impacts our relationships. Can you see how they are all related?   If you want to connect with me further, you can find me on Instagram, LinkedIn or visit my Facebook page. For more information about my services, please explore my website.

Tell us your story, how did you come up with this idea?

I believe most coaches and meditation teachers have started their path due to life difficulties. Mine is the same! I have started my inner journey more than 10 years ago when I myself felt the effects of emotional burnout and found myself in an unhealthy relationship. I was in search of finding inner peace, serenity, balance, and purpose. Meditation and mindfulness, along with the guidance of amazing coaches, transformed my life.  

Once you see how certain things can change your life, then you can’t keep them to yourself. You want to shout it out and help others, support them in bringing balance to their lives, avoiding burnout, and saving themselves from toxic relationships.

ENTREPRENEUR OF THE MONTH: MEET ANISA ZAFAR - A Meditation Teacher and Resilience and Trauma Coach in Switzerland

One other essential thing that I have developed in the past years is Intuitive painting, which may sound new to many people. I started painting 25 years ago when I attended art school.  When I started meditation and coaching, I saw how they can come together to not only give participants a sense of peace but also help them discover hidden aspects that cannot be addressed by words alone. So, yes, I would say the universe brought me to pursue this path and be in service to aware and successful men and women, helping them improve their lives and bring balance into their lives.  

Though I live in Switzerland, I serve internationally, with clients coming from all around the world. For in-person events, I have seen many people always interested, especially expats who love to come together for meditation, creativity, and mindfulness practice. I found Switzerland to be an easy country to start a business with simplified and clear processes.  

What is a day like “in your heels?”

It varies from day to day, but there’s a constant routine and ritual that keeps me grounded. I start the day with prayer and meditation, which is essential for me. It helps clear my mind, let go of unnecessary baggage, and practice compassion toward myself and the universe for guidance.   I have a list of people I pray for, and I send them loving vibes.

After that, I set intentions for the day, write down tasks, and sometimes break them down into smaller, manageable steps to follow during the day. Work and meetings follow afterward.

In the late afternoon or evening, my husband and I have a walking ritual. We engage in conscious walking and breathing, and we share about our day. Journaling is also a part of my daily routine. I take 5 to 10 minutes to write down what’s in my heart.  My evening practice can vary between a short or long meditation session. I include a practice of gratefulness where I choose one thing I am grateful for and let my heart and soul fully embrace it. It warms and refreshes my spirit, leaving me in a positive frame of mind.  

As a Life Coach and Meditation Teacher, what advice would you like to give to fellow women?

Great question! In my book, there is a chapter called “Manifestation,” where I provide insights into realizing one’s dreams.

I encourage fellow women entrepreneurs, authors, and content creators to follow their heart’s dream and remind themselves of the purpose behind it. Join a community that inspires them and avoid letting others bring them down with negative thinking.

Working with a coach can be incredibly valuable. I started with a business coach and continued to seek guidance from different coaches throughout my journey to define a clear scope. Taking care of one’s mental health, heart, and body is vital. Many of us push ourselves to the limit, and I’ve seen both women and men reach a state of burnout. Therefore, I invite them to practice meditation or any mindfulness technique that suits them. I believe balance, along with discipline are the most crucial factors for success. By maintaining a consistent, balanced plan, one can achieve more and feel less tired. These steps have worked for me at various stages of my life and have transformed the lives of my clients. I encourage readers to delve deep into this chapter, as it will reveal a loving way to overcome procrastination and start from wherever they are!

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