Decluttering your finances is decluttering your life too. An interview with Money Coach Ilana Jankowitz

decluttering your finances

Author: Helena Zachariassen, Home & Lifestyle Editor

Did you know love and respect for your money go hand in hand with love and respect for yourself and your belongings? In your daily life you might even unconsciously allow your belongings and finances to control you. Your possessions (as well as your money!) end up in all the wrong places, you do not care for them and they might get lost. You search for them for hours and then give up and go online to buy more. Sounds familiar? And potentially even get into debt for it using credit cards. It’s time to take back control of your finances and your life and start to respect and love your money and yourself more!

There are two things you can start out with right away, and neither of these require a huge amount of time. In addition to my KonMari inspired tips below, I asked Certified Money Coach, Ilana Jankowitz, a few questions on how we can best declutter our finances and prepare for the new year. Enjoy the read!

#Tip 1: Declutter your wallet and appreciate your money more

Let’s start with your wallet.

  1. Is it clean, tidy and inviting, happy and inspirational? Or is it falling apart filled with old receipts, notes, a lot of small coins and business cards?
  2. Make sure you first of all choose a wallet and a material you really like!
  3. Put aside a few mins on a regular basis to declutter your wallet from unnecessary papers. If at all possible, please deny taking the receipt and ask to have it e-mailed to you if needed for the future.

The wallet is like a king to whom you can never show too much respect.

Marie Kondo

Your wallet is usually on the receiving end of any past emotional baggage intertwined in the money you keep in there. Your wallet and your money, should be treated with utmost respect and gratitude for providing you with what you need. If you care for it well, keep it tidy and respect it, you might notice that the way you use your money changes. You will feel grateful every time you reach for your wallet to remove money. And make sure to never walk around with a wallet with no money in it – when money is in use it flows like energy and flowing money attracts more money.

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My Swiss Story: Decluttering your finances is decluttering your life too. An interview with Money Coach Ilana Jankowitz

#Tip 2: Using the KonMari Method to find JOY also in your finances

Decluttering your physical belongings according to the KonMari Method categories ultimately creates space for life and increases clarity about what matters most to you. But can you do the same process with your finances? Absolutely!

  • Be very clear about your financial goals. Remember, you start with your vision also when decluttering your belongings!
  • Check your status quo, ie. bank statements and make categories within budgeting. This will help you see exactly where your money goes (living costs, medical expenses, food, education, travel, clothing, savings etc.) This step equals the “power of the pile” and is designed to shake you up a little. 
  • Tidy up your do’s and get rid of the don’ts. Any small daily/weekly expense can make a big difference (a daily take away coffee for 6+ CHF equals almost 2000 CHF/year!)
  • Ask why before buying. Ask yourself whether a purchase is necessary and truly sparks joy! If you already started decluttering your belongings chances are your consumption habits have changed / will change forever.
  • If you know you have enough, you’re actually rich already
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Q: Ilana Jankowitz, you are a certified Money Coach. Would you please tell us what it is that you do?

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“I work with women to change their Money Story by understanding how our subconscious beliefs, behaviours and patterns are formed and limit us. I help them to open the flow of money into their lives and business by doing deep work. “

Ilana Jankowitz

Q: How can you declutter and change your money (hi)story, if there is emotional baggage tied to it?

IJ: We hold onto baggage that we tolerate in our lives. Ie, old relationships, emotions, lifestyle etc. We make space in our energy by decluttering for the flow of money to come into our lives. Sometimes letting go of the past is necessary to see a different future and possibilities. 

Q: What’s the best way to get rid of debt and declutter your credit card bills, once and for all?

IJ: Keep a money journal and write down your emotions when you are spending.  95% of our actions are driven by emotions.  Keep a budget, a budget is telling your money where to go and not wondering where it went and lastly if you have not saved money, start today.

Q: How can you become more mindful & better at saving?

IJ: When you receive your money, take a percentage off the top and put it into savings immediately, then pay the bills. Savings is a habit and needs to be practised.  

Q: What would you tell our readers who struggle with never having enough?

IJ: There is more than enough, and there is a connection between Life and money. Our money beliefs are connected to our self worth. This is where I do most of the work. 

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My Swiss Story: Decluttering your finances is decluttering your life too. An interview with Money Coach Ilana Jankowitz

Q: What are your best tips to start 2021 and become financially independent?

IJ: Start by keeping track of where you are spending, where you can save and declutter to get the flow of money into your life. Sell the things you don’t need and that can bring joy to someone else. Get your bank account on your phone and check it regularly. 

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