Corona Diaries: More resources by categories

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I have been putting together corona resources for the past few weeks now, this list is again non-exhaustive, but I will continue to post these weekly digests to help you make the best of these uncertain times. Together (in spirit), we got this!

Credits: Fee free to share and forward. I found most of these resources on LinkedIn shared by Priya Gupta. 🙂

Virtual Group Activities

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Corona Diaries: More resources by categories
  • HouseParty for spontaneous virtual hangouts (Chrome extension, desktop app, and mobile apps all available)
  • Netflix Party Chrome extension for synchronized TV/movie watching. Notes:
    • Each person needs Google Chrome and a Netflix subscription
    • The extension only has a chat function, so you can use Zoom or Google Hangouts to see your friends while watching
    • For larger viewing parties, turn on the “Only I Have Control” button before you start the Netflix Party so no one accidentally starts/stops the movie/show
  • Steam for gaming without a console. Important notes:
    • Only one person needs to buy any given game in order for a group to play
    • Make sure you purchase the game ON Steam (vs. PS4 or some other platform. You cannot transfer the game onto Steam from another platform)
    • Games still need to be installed and run on your computer, so check which type of computer the game is compatible with (e.g. Overcooked can only be installed on Windows, Overcooked 2 can be installed on Mac)
  • Jackbox.TV for gaming. Note: Only one person needs to own Jackbox Games
  • ‎GamePigeon for gaming
  • for virtual card games (Cards Against Humanity, Checkers, etc.)
  • AuxParty for group music listening

Virtual Exercise

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Corona Diaries: More resources by categories

NOTE: If you have the financial resources to pay for virtual classes at small businesses, do so. You’ll support the small business and instructors. If you’re getting exercise for free; you should feel comfortable asking the business how their instructors are being compensated.

Cultural Entertainment (also good for kids!)

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Corona Diaries: More resources by categories

Study/Focus Music

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Corona Diaries: More resources by categories


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Corona Diaries: More resources by categories

NOTE: If you have the financial resources to pay for books and audiobooks, please continue to do so. Everyone still needs financial support during this time. If you use the library, please consider donating to them; their work for the community goes well beyond providing books.

  • Download Libby (iOS, Android) to borrow eBooks and audiobooks from any public library
  • Lots of books are available for free in the National Emergency Library, though it’s a lot to dig through (this article lists examples of what you can find)

Things for you

As a reminder, most employers offer Employee Assistance Programs. Ask your human resources representative to share information about it. The program offers helpful resources for self-care and handling care for others.

What Therapists Tell Patients Who Are Anxious About Coronavirus

Things for your children

Things for work

Things to try

Stay tuned for more resources, it’s a request to everyone reading this – please stay home. This is for you, this is for us to flatten the curve.

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