Coming Soon – 21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland Vol II

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It gives me immense pleasure in announcing that our second volume of “21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland” is only a couple of weeks away from its release. I am very excited for the launch, and I can assure you that we have surpassed ourselves this time around – we have fabulous authors and an even more amazing team behind the scene, and I can assure you – each chapter is going to be an absolute treat.

In this post today, I want to talk about the destinations, the authors and the intent behind our book.

But before I do that, have you read our first book? If not, just click here to download Vol. I.

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Coming Soon – 21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland Vol II

About the Project

“21 Hidden gems of Switzerland” is a collaborative travel project where 21 locals have come together to present their unique discoveries in this beautiful country. Each destination is one of a kind, and each chapter will give you a complete lowdown on related subjects like making your way, things to do, food, costs and more. All the experiences covered are firsthand, and I hope you will appreciate the Genuity of each piece.”

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Coming Soon – 21 Hidden Gems of Switzerland Vol II

This book is for you – if you’ve been here several times or if you haven’t; if you’re traveling with your family or are going solo; if you’re a local, tourist or an expat; if you’re planning a day trip or a longer vacation. In totality, summer or winter, autumn or spring – this travel resource has something for everyone who intends to explore the hidden beauty of Switzerland.

Our Team and Authors

In all honesty, I had kicked off the project with a pinch of nervousness this year – the pressure of season 2 being better 😉 (if you’ve seen Sacred Games and Mirzapur, you might know that we Indians aren’t the best when it comes to subsequent parts), and the fact that this has probably been the busiest year of my life since I landed in Switzerland. You know, the kind of busy that is good – creative satisfaction and newfound passions (I am trying my best not to mention the C-word) have been “my theme” of this year up until now.

Anyway, I owe a lot to the team behind this book – Pretika Khanna for being my right hand, from editing, coordination to promotions, she has left no stone unturned, Ipsita Barua, our very creative swiss travel editor who played a vital role during the editing process and the backbone of this project – the authors!

Some of our authors are entrepreneurs, some of them are travel bloggers, some of them are Instagrammers, and some of them are ex-pats. While we all come from diverse backgrounds and works, we all have something in common – our love for travel and our love affair with this country!


Each destination is handpicked, gorgeous, and offers a variety of facets in culture, natural beauty, and scenic views. Are we saying this is everything that there is (even after Volume II)? – No, not at all, Switzerland is a small yet beautiful country, and there is enough and more for us to write subsequent parts.

On the book this time, we cover the following destinations: Iseltwald, Allmendhubel, Brienz, Engelberg, Faido, Gandria, Grimentz, Canton Vaud, Grimselwelt, Klontalersee, Lauterbrunnen, Lavaux, Lenz, Neuchâtel, Oeschinensee, Rolle, Rosenlaui, Saint Saphorin, Samnaun, Spilauersee and Ticino.

Don’t bother doing google searches on the destinations, in the book you will find the formula: we will help you plan your trip till the tiniest possible detail.

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