Blogging in Bali: Summer Blue Outfit with Postfold and Damsel Code

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Blogging in Bali: three words we’d been looking forward to for a long time. Our recent trip to Bali may have ended, but we’re still reminiscing about a beautiful week in Bali.

Since it was very hot, and humid in Bali, comfort was key in all of my looks.

Our second-last day was dedicated to Seminyak and Kuta, I wanted to wear something that was elegant but super comfortable and ideal for a vacation!

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Floral Dress with Postfold

While Manavi wore them to AIFW, this is my first look with Postfold. Since it’s made with cotton, it’s super breathable which is ideal for humid days. It didn’t get crushed because it has some amount of spandex in it which makes it wearable in evenings too. The length of the dress was not too high and not too low: just above the knees.

The high-low slash asymmetrical hem makes it more relevant too.

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Statement Ring with Damsel Code

While my usual baubles include my brand new Michael Kors watch (a gift on my birthday) and my solitaire, I wanted to mix things up and wear something that matched with the floral vibe as well as well as funky.

This cocktail ring from DamselCode is ideal for those of us who are not afraid to make a statement. The ring may look chunky but is super light. I wore it all day and mind you, I cannot wear too many accessories when the weather is not your best friend.

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Since I have very sensitive skin, I’m super afraid to wear metallic jewellery. However, Damsel Code delivers on the promise. The piece didn’t cause any redness, irritation or allergies.

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I spent the day bargain shopping at Seminyak Square before my daughter started feeling unwell. A coffee break followed by various conversations with the family, we went shopping for dreamcatchers, crochet pillow covers, lights, and souvenirs.

We shot this look at Villa Parvati, Dea Villas, Bali.

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Dress by Postfold 

Ring by DamselCode

Watch, Michael Kors


What would you like to wear for a shopping spree to Seminyak? Tell us in the comments’ section.

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