Best of 2016: Our favourite Swiss Blogs This Year

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Welcome back! We are loving this…Hope you are too! There cannot be a better way of closing the year with a small pat on the back while we reflect and a glint in our eyes while we look forward to a promising 2017.

Keeping in with theme, today we’re going to talk about some of our favourite swiss blogs of 2016. Swiss blog was a new feature that was introduced as part of our lifestyle section. Be For Beauty moved, not virtually but physically. This move was bright, challenging and a new step!

So here we go with our favourite posts on the Swiss life from 2016:

Be For Beauty Moves To Switzerland: Introducing Pragati Siddhanti

This is how we introduced the new section during the mid of the year and what I loved most was the “sisters” shoot we did for this while I was saying bye to the city I lived in for half of my life.

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Week 1: Life in Basel+ Everything You Need To Know About Basel, Switzerland

And then was my first week in Basel which talked about my first impression on almost everything. A brand new chapter with a brand new journey on Be For Beauty was one of the best things that happened to me during the year.


Knocking On Heaven’s Door: The Beautiful Doors of Basel

And then there was the article on the beautiful doors of Basel. An idea which struck me while walking down the streets and finding inspiration.


The various style files we did in the beautiful apartment, the city and in some of the outdoor locations. My most favourite were the mother daughter shoots which I thoroughly enjoyed with my 6 year old.

Style Files: Summer Fashion for Mother-Daughter


Style Files : Mother Daughter Part 2


Style Files: Kinder mode


Style Files: The Not So Little Black Dress


The lovely collaborations that we did with beauty and lifestyle brands in Switzerland, led to some great friendships and promising relationships.

We Tried It: Review of Dhania Naturkosmetiko Basel – Switzerland


Style Files: Keep Calm and Carry a Fabulous Bag with Paisley


The Living Room, Basel : Fashion Find of the month


Winters, Christmas and Lindt Chocolates!


And lastly, my favourite was the entire series I did on my life here in Switzerland.

This went on from everything to do with moving, motherhood, setting up house, back to school, health, blogger life, wellness, lifestyle etc. These articles were downright personal and were written from the heart.


We hope you liked some of these too! What would you like to see as part of the Swiss Blog series?
What kind of stories would you like to see? Let us know in the comments’ section!

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