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While autumn is slowly giving way to winter, it’s mostly a time to stay cozy in and stir in that hot chocolate. But this is also a time when the year’s harvest takes place and a lot of fairs and festivals take place to bring some cheer to the cold gloomy days. One such very unique fair is the International White Truffle Fair in Alba, a small town in Italy’s Piedmont region.

The region is also the country’s most known for its wine (like Barolo) and hazelnuts. The town of Alba offers easy access to the nearby wine-growing areas and is a great place to enjoy some strolls in its many piazzas with mulled wine in hand or indulge in the region’s culinary specialties.

This will be a quick reckoner about the fair, the essentials you need to plan, and the landscapes waiting to greet you in all their splendor.

Dates of the fair: 9th Oct 2021 until 5th Dec 2021

Ticket prices: There are different categories and the price depends on what you choose

What to expect: A selection of the best truffles, mostly white and truffle-related products along with a wide selection of the region’s wine. All stalls offer tasting before buying and some of these are not commercially sold or available online. It’s not a huge fair and easily doable in 2 hours at a slow pace. Apart from the main fair the town squares are abuzz with small mercatos or markets selling amazing local produce, from truffle salamis to hazelnut pies at bargain prices.


  • Enjoy the truffle menu in Restaurant II Museo paired with wine
  • Visit the Castle of Grinzane Cavour
  • Have lunch in a vineyard restaurant overlooking verdant vineyards (depending on when you visit) and mostly run by families who ace the local culinary specialties (https://www.agriturismoilcortile.it/)
  • Go for a walk in La Morra, that offers the best views over the entire 11 Barolo regions
  • Visit one of the cozy restaurants on the hilltop of Barolo

To keep in mind

  • Book your accommodations in advance, it can get very expensive last minute
  • Reserve your special restaurants, it can get very busy
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Go there, easily just a drive from Switzerland, and indulge in the local neighbouring rarities. Through verdant vineyards and rolling slopes, it’s a trip worth making for the entire family.


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