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When Anisa and I came together to plan our next event – we knew we wanted to make it BIIIGGG. And this time, we went all out with the ‘Brunch and Bond’ Women’s Meet-Up in Basel. Ending the year with a bang, this collaboration with Anisa Zafar was nothing less than magical!

This was not just an event; it was a unique meet-up brimming with unparalleled value, invaluable connections and engaging workshops waiting to sprout your growth!

I’m thankful to all those from our community who made it, and also to all those who I met for the first time… ❤️ Our participants were fabulous!
This time, since we went all-out, of course, we had to get the best team to do it! Super thankful for the DREAM TEAM – my co-host Anisa, our photographers Mar and Pascal, our chef Diana and our helpers Dora, Niyati and Annika 😊✨️

Now that my initial thoughts are out of the way, if you’d like to know all the deets of what actually went down at our BIGGEST meet-up ever, keep reading!


All you need to know about the “Brunch & Bond” Women’s Networking Meet-Up in Basel

The Scoop on the Day:

From the get-go, we wanted this to be more than your average networking shindig. We were on a mission to create a space where you could connect, grow, collaborate with like-minded women and leave feeling like the queen of your own empire (while also helping others build theirs ;)). And guess what? It happened! 🚀

Connecting Like Never Before:

The morning kicked off with the kind of mingling that felt like catching up with friends – except you just met these fabulous women! We bonded over snacks, coffee, and yes, there were some seriously epic ice-breaker games that had us all in stitches. Because let’s face it, breaking the ice should be as fun as brunch itself!

Brunch Goals:

Now, let’s talk about the brunch. Healthy, scrumptious, and served with a side of empowering conversations. We networked our hearts out while indulging in a feast fit for queens. Because let’s be real, business talk is way better when there’s good food involved. 🍽️Special shout-out to our lovely chef Diana from Vegan-ddreamcakes for such a delicious preparation!

Workshops that Rocked Our World:

Anisa Zafar, our guru of resilience and zen vibes, led workshops that were an absolute game-changer. Picture this: self-reflection that felt like a heart-to-heart with your future self, vision-boarding that made you feel like a creative genius, and goal-setting that left you ready to conquer the world. Oh, and did I mention the inspiring stories shared by fellow boss babes? Cue the mic drop!

Surprises and Freebies – Because Why Not?

And because we’re all about adding a cherry on top, we had exclusive surprises and freebies just for all participants! Yup, those are our special goodie- bags filled with love….and of course, goodies!

I am super proud that Anisa and I created a space where women could come together, support each other, and emerge stronger as they continue their journeys of empowerment and growth.
To all the incredible women who joined – you made this day epic! To those who missed it – don’t worry, we’re cooking up more fabulous events. Stay tuned for the next adventure! 💖

Here’s to growth, laughter, and being unstoppable together!

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