8 reasons to hire a Professional Organiser or Life(style) Coach

8 reasons to hire a prof organiser and coach

Author: Helena Zachariassen, Home and Lifestyle Editor

Getting organised at home or at the office, or even figuring out how and where to start, might be an overwhelming task for anyone. Clutter is overwhelming, whether it’s physical or emotional. Let alone tackling the clutter mountain on your own. There are many reasons why people hire professional organisers, the least common of them being laziness or luxury. Most people hire a professional because they are trapped in overwhelm with too much stuff but not enough space and time, and they need help to get out.

If you’ve ever considered hiring a professional you might be interested to read below why you should actually hire one…some of the reasons not necessarily being what you had expected…!

#1 It is not about organising your stuff

The first and most important reason might sound strange, but hiring a Life(style) Coach and KonMari Consultant like myself will go way beyond organising. The objective of the whole experience is to change behaviours, habits and mindsets and achieve life-changing transformations. Over the course of the process there will for sure be lessons on folding clothes and organising, but the emotional and mental side of simplifying your life is crucial to incorporate. A good organiser will help you organise your home once. A great organiser and coach will guide you to organise and simplify your home and work space, mind and life, for good.

#2 No judgment, pure compassion

Do you feel embarrassed about some particularly messy parts of your home? Trust that you’re not alone. However, working with a professional is all worth overcoming that short initial moment of embarrassment. A professional will never judge you or any part of your mess. On the contrary, many professionals have been there themselves (including myself!) and they can’t wait to help you out and bring their wealth of knowledge to simplify your life too. Prepare yourself to get to know a new compassion buddy, and sometimes even a future friend.

#3 Clarity on your why and your ideal life(style)

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8 reasons to hire a Professional Organiser or Life(style) Coach / My Swiss Story. Pic: Ruxi Balea.

Every time I start working with a new client we always start the whole decluttering process with a vision and goal setting session.

In order to accomplish the best results and to be able to enjoy potentially life-changing and sustainable transformational benefits this is a crucial step. If you start decluttering and have no clue why or where you’re headed and what your ideal result and life looks like, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and false expectations. Your goals are ideally crystal clear, however, dynamically evolving throughout the process.

By decluttering your space and mind you can transform your life.
Choose to live and love as simply and joyfully as possible.

Helena zachariassen / my HAPPY HOME

#4 Experience & education

A professional is a professional for a reason. They have experience working with a wide range of people and are trained professionally in the field. Most likely they have seen a situation similar to yours before and are able to help you with creative and understanding solutions beyond your imagination. They know where to start, what to do and they will hold your hand all the way to the finish line.

#5 Accountability & guidance

A professional will not take over your home and life nor decide what possessions to keep or let go of. They work together with you, based on your ideal life vision, to reach your goals. They help, support, guide, teach, motivate, empower and encourage you as well as hold your hand until you’ve reached your ultimate goal. They gently nudge you for accountability when needed and they simply can’t wait to see you succeed.

#6 Get back time for what matters most

By letting go of things in your life and diary that no longer serve you, you will win back countless hours in your life. Say no to everything that doesn’t take you closer to your ideal lifestyle or where you aspire to go in life. A professional will help you streamline your daily processes and home functionality, giving you back valuable time to spend on the people and the things that matter most to you. Every day.

#7 Save money

When decluttering your belongings you might consider selling some of the things you don’t need and that can still bring joy to someone else. Working with a professional you will learn how to keep track of what items you already own to avoid buying doubles, where you are spending and where you can save to get the flow of money into your life. Chances are your consumption habits will change forever. Even if it’s an investment to hire a professional to help you out – the value they bring to your life is priceless.

#8 Fall in love with your home and life again

So how does hiring a professional change your home and life? First of all You change. Your new sensitivity to joy is set to become a decisive, elevated element in your life. You’ve simplified your life to serve you and your purpose even better. You might have made small or big changes in your life, living space or you might even have decided to move houses, downsize or change jobs. No matter the size of any potential transformation, they’re all equally important for your emotional wellbeing, love of life and happiness within.

Nothing is impossible.
The word itself says “I’m possible”.

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About the Author

Helena Zachariassen
Certified KonMari Consultant & Life(style) Coach
Founder & Owner of My Happy Home

If you want to…

  • Get an organised, clutter free home, for good
  • (Re)organise your business/offices
  • Declutter your digital life
  • Prepare for a house/country move
  • Get ready for a new baby
  • Downsize your home
  • Work through belongings after a loss of a loved one
  • Have time for what matters most in life
  • Find clarity and meaning in life
  • Simplify life on all levels

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