5 Easy Christmas Crafts You Can Try This Holiday Season

5 super easy christmas crafts

Hey guys! Happy Holidays! Christmas is my most favourite holiday (after Diwali of course), but unfortunately, thanks to the snow in Basel, I have been spending more time indoors and also putting final touches on my thesis. If you too are spending a lot of time drinking hot chocolate at home, or just want to spruce up your interiors for the holiday season, I suggest you try out these 5 super easy Christmas crafts for various corners of your festive abode. All these crafts don’t require too much time, are super-easy on skill and a great way to spend time with your loved ones too!

Make Most Of Old Photo Frames

Do you have that old photo frame lying somewhere in the attic, predictably with a broken glass? This could be the perfect ingredient for your first craft. Spray paint the frame, in holiday colours: Red is my favourite too! Attach a bow on the top (you can tie a pretty knot or just pick up one of those pre-made bows from the nearest craft store), hang in those extra tree ornament using a ribbon, the prettier the ornaments, the better the frame looks. You can put this on the mantel, fireplace or even put it on your door. This could be a great project to do with your little ones, like my 7-year-old too. They could look great on the table as well as for all the flatlays you have scheduled for your Instagram.

the best diy christmas decorations and homemade holiday crafts 21
5 Super Easy Christmas Crafts: Image from Pinterest
Add Floor Lanterns To Festivities

I use my lanterns for every fesDiwali. At Diwali, I add diyas I usually get shipped from India but come Christmas, I fill lanterns with tree ornaments, to about 50% of its height and then decorate the top with ribbons and greens. This is one of the easiest crafts, that you can do in about 15 minutes tops.

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5 Super Easy Christmas Crafts: Image from Pinterest
Say YES to Candles!

This again is one of my favourites just ‘coz these trays are available at every home store including IKEA or even go DIY if need be. Since this one is all about focussing on the senses, you can add scented candles (cinnamon, vanilla etc) and then add a few pine cones and potpourri that complements the fragrance of candles too. If you don’t have scented candles, that’s OK; the freshness of the pine cones will add a bit of freshness to your room. The colour schemes that can be used are: gold, rose gold, sparkly soft pink, red, white etc. Another way to do this is to use candles on the side, a small wreath in the middle and a cupid showpiece in the centre.

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5 Super Easy Christmas Crafts: Image from Pinterest
Holiday Mason Jars

This one looks very pretty and is perfect for the deck or even the centre table in a room. If you look closely, the tray looks like a wooden drawer but you can use a wooden tray that’s wide enough for at least 2-3 mason jars. Again, you can spray paint mason jars in your favourite holiday colours (or go classic with white and gold). Once painted and dry, you can fill the jars with fresh stems from the flower market (or add fake plants). Adding a jute string around the neck of the jars adds character to the whole craft.

5 Super Easy Christmas Crafts: Image from Pinterest
Light Up With Candle Holders

These candle holders are doing the rounds at IKEA these days. It works as a vase too but come Christmas and they can be home to pretty little things like fairy lights, pine cones, ornaments, straws and ta-da, you’re done!

5 Super Easy Christmas Crafts: Image from Pinterest

All pictures are from Pinterest and have been used for the purpose of reference.

As for me, I’ve already tried the lanterns, tray as well as the mantelpiece. Doing these 20-minute decor crafts are a great way to get creative, stay indoors and also connect with my daughter.  I hope these help you too!

How do you decorate your house during the holiday season? Tell us in the comments section.

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