5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit


Author: Ipsita Barua, Travel Editor

When you have to choose between Nutella and Peanut Butter sandwiches for a midnight indulgence, it can be quite a dilemma. It’s the moment of truth, but you know the heart wants a fair deal without offending either. I faced a similar tug of hearts while composing this list. Switzerland , as we all know, is a land of superlatives. Scenic landscapes, quaint villages, colourful houses, canopied forests, natural playgrounds, are all just a drive or a train ride away from wherever you are. Every place you visit takes your breath away, leaves you with happy sighs and makes you wonder ‘Could there be any place prettier than this?’

This is not an inclusive list nor is it in order of preference but entirely drawn from personal experience because I seek a mix of remoteness, beauty and character for each of my getaways.


I am a stickler for travel lists, but my husband got the better of me when on my birthday he took to me what was voted as ‘One of Switzerland’s most beautiful villages’. I had never heard of it until then. Not too popular like the towns and villages alongside Lake Como, this one was quite a revelation. Like a pearl on Lake Lugano, this little place isn’t known to many but charms day visitors and weekend travellers alike with its lakeside views, small alleys, arcades of historic homes, terraced gardens and cemeteries worthy of a leisurely visit followed by some elegant lakeside dining serving delectable Italian fare. What’s not to love, right?

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My Swiss Story: 5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit Photo: Happy Holiday Homes


Just an hour’s drive from Zurich, this has been a repeat visit for us to impress visitors. The village of Appenzell is a world in itself with its own customs, colourful frescoes, designs and even a breed of dog named after the region. With about 7,000 inhabitants, Appenzell is the smallest Swiss canton. The car-free village is a delight to walk through pretty lanes, small stores and boutiques. The facades of the houses are a definite head-turner as are the cafés selling the famous Appenzeller desserts like the Landsgmendchrempfli or the Biber. Nearby in the area, Wasserauen is the gateway to a lot of hiking trails leading to the Seealpsee and the most photographed cliff-side Aescher guesthouse and restaurant.

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My Swiss Story: 5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit Photo: ©Ipsita Barua


The historic town of Bremgarten isn’t a place that features on any to-visit list. I chanced upon it while visiting a friend and was completely charmed by its river-side setting, the historic Old Town and the the leisurely way of life that involves surfers riding the standing waves on the River Reuss. Bremgarten is surrounded on three sides by the River Reuss and the Old Town (pedestrians only) which is also a site of national importance. Walk through the Old Town and explore the varied restaurants that serve the local fare with a friendly service.

My Swiss Story: 5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit Photo: ©Ipsita Barua


Often called the fairy-tale place of Ticino (the Southernmost part of Switzerland bordering Italy), this village is of all things that please the eye at every corner. Blooming flowers, stone houses, friendly locals, a thundering waterfall and all that fall in the enchanted category. This can be an easy day trip from Lugano, even when you are using public transport. Allow yourself some time to wander through the lanes at leisure and stop at the local gift shops on your way to the falls.

My Swiss Story: 5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit Photo: ©Ipsita Barua


Known for its cheese of the same name, Gruyère nestles between the slopes of the Moléson and the Dent du Chamois as a medieval, traffic-free little town with its castle, surrounded by a fortified wall and breathtaking views on all sides. This charming town takes more credit than just the cheese. It is home to the HR Giger Museum (Giger designed the figures for the Hollywood film “Alien”) and the Giger Bar that’s futuristic both in interiors and the menu. It’s a town that makes you feel you walked into a fairytale. The smell of cheese fondue and raclette just adds to the coziness. Time your visit for lunch or dinner.

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My Swiss Story: 5 Beautiful Swiss Towns to Visit Photo: ©Ipsita Barua

Which one of your favourites would you add to this list? Comment, share your stories, join our travel tribe and continue to inspire us.

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