2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

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Thank you for all the love on Part 1 of this post, so glad you enjoyed my recommendations. I have to admit that I love “gifts” – giving gifts has always been a special sentiment. For me, the purpose of gift-giving goes above and beyond the “money factor”. A small token of love can declare a truce, strengthen relationships and express your feelings. If you’re not so good with the words, then use the power of “gift-giving”; make someone feel a little more special today.

This part of my guide is very specific to Switzerland and is dedicated to supporting women-owned local businesses.

Disclaimer: None of the items listed in this guide have been sponsored – the guide has been curated by me and all the products listed here have not been personally used.


#1 Cheese Gin Fondue

Now that caught my attention and has piqued my interest.

When a schnapps distiller and a cheesemaker team up, great things happen! – Edelwhite

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

The package contains a select variety of Entlebuch cheeses, accompanied by Fondue Gin (made from 14 local plant substances) and a herb jar to flavor the fondue. The package is priced at 54 CHF and suffices for 2 people. You can buy this thoughtful package here.

#2 Customized Gift Baskets

Perfect for teachers, friends, and family, this collection of goodies is from the pantry at Primrose Secret Garden. Their small baskets hold 4-5 products and the large basket holds six to eight products.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

Their webshop stocks different types of Liqueurs, jams, jellies, and chutneys. The gift basket is priced at 50 CHF (small one) and 75 CHF (big one) and is available here.

#3 Wines from the Alsace Region

Domaine Pierre Adam is a family-owned winery in the Alsace region. A wine tasting trip to the area this autumn made me fall in love with the whole experience and absolutely also the wines.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

While I can definitely recommend a trip to the vineyards, I recommend the Discovery Package 3 Bottles | Prestige as a gift for a friend/family member(s) who would appreciate and enjoy a glass (or 2) of good wine.

The package costs € 44.40 and contains a bottle Kaefferkopf Riesling Grand Cru, Pinot Gris and Gewurztraminer Grand Cru. Delivery costs from France are applicable.


#1 Relaxation Dream Gift Pack

The Nohabe Total Relaxation Lavender Dream Gift Pack contains a soap, Body Butter, Bath Salts, a Lavender Eye Pillow, Face Balm, a Beauty Eye, and Lip Balm.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

The gift package is priced at CHF 100.90 and can be brought here. Nohabe is a family-owned business and all products sold on their website are handmade.

#2 Rituals Gift Sets

I have been a fan of Rituals for a while now, and if you would like to go with a safe (tried and tested) choice – then I would totally recommend the gift sets from Ritual Cosmetics.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

The Ritual of Happy Buddha is priced at 41 CHF and is available on Galaxus and many other famous ecomm websites. The pack above contains – Shower foam 200 ml, body peeling 125 g, body cream 70 ml, and hand soap 300 ml.

#3 Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse® Beauty Ritual

Another favorite of mine, at a medium price point. This particular set contains: Perfumed Shower Oil, Huile Prodigieuse® (Face, Body, Hair) 30ml, Le Parfum 15ml Prodigieux® and Perfumed Body Milk 30ml.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

This Nuxe beauty gift set is priced at 25.20 CHF and is available on Galaxus and many other famous ecomm websites.

Let’s get Artsy (and Crafty)

#1 Limited Edition Bird Calendar 2022

12 Fabulous Bird Portraits in A4 size and signed by the artist, Daira Janusa.

Daira will be happy to add a special note on the cover of the Calendar in case you would like to customize this piece of art.

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2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

The calendar is priced at 50 CHF + shipping and is available here.

#2 Christmas Ornaments from Glamzonic

Suhani Saxena, an Indian ex-pat is working very hard in bringing locally produced handicrafts from India to Switzerland. Her Christmas collection is beautiful and comes with a twist. This one is definitely on my “buy list” for the holiday season.

You can join her FB group, Glamzonic, and place your orders. Her products are high quality and very reasonably priced!

#3 Macrame Earrings

These handcrafted earrings from JoyElleCrafts are cute and can be paired with matching hair accessories.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

These IKI Earrings are priced at 17 CHF and are available at this Etsy shop.

#4 Porcelain Cup Gift Set

“Inspired by the beauty of the Swiss Alps this set of handmade porcelain cups makes a unique, casually elegant gift. Whether they are filled with coffee, tea, or seasonal punch, they are sure to delight the recipient.”

thumbnail img 4776
2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

The gift set consists of 4 hand-crafted porcelain mugs that are priced for 112 CHF and can be purchased here. Beata, the founder of Bird of Porcelain also creates jewelry, and the Petal matt porcelain earrings are my personal favorite!

#5 Christmas Crackers

CreativeAngelbyAoife has crafted these crackers which are a great way to personalize your table setting. Whether you fill them with yummy chocolates, a little present, or a surprise gift.

2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story (Part 2)

Also, available in her Etsy shop are advent calendars, tree skirts, and Christmas stockings. These crackers are priced at 90 CHF and can be purchased here.

#6 FEARLESS. T-Shirt

“To be fearless is not about showing a lack of fear, but rather being able to acknowledge it is ok to have worries and concerns, to be scared or nervous. Approaching your fears with confidence and intelligence is to be fearless.”

211002 fearless flat t blu 6 web
2021 Holiday Gift Guide – My Swiss Story

Simply Zoë has collaborated with Vachement Suisse to bring you our “Fearless.” collection: a line of t-shirts and tote bags – with a percentage of proceeds going to cancer research. The t-shirt featured on this guide is available in 3 colors and is priced at 30 CHF. I wholeheartedly support this cause!

Apart from the above, some noteworthy mentions would include handcrafted jewelry from Swiss Blue, sustainable Christmas gifting from the Swiss Impact Store, perfumes from Oksana, Tea baskets from Time to Tea, and original A4-sized paintings from AvanisArtworks.

I dedicated this entire post to local businesses, cuz I do believe:

When you are supporting a small business you are supporting a dream

– Unknown

Tell me here in the comments section or on my social media channels; your recommendations for the holiday season.

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