2020 – a LEGO kind of year

2020 a lego kind of year

Author: Helena Zachariassen, Home and Lifestyle Editor

Dear 2020,

THANK YOU for showing us so many new ways to grow, to do things differently and to be there for each other.
I’M SORRY you brought with you so much pain and suffering.
GOODBYE. We’re done with you now and wish to move forward towards new beginnings.

2020 was very LEGO like. You stepped hard on it and it hurt your feet so badly you wanted to SCREAM. If you’ve ever stepped on a LEGO brick (is there anyone who hasn’t?) you will know exactly what I mean. On the other hand, what seemed impossible before quickly became possible. We had no choice but to start building amazing things from those broken LEGO bricks. Impossible for many turned into I’M POSSIBLE. And that’s something we should cherish and be immensely grateful for.

What are you grateful for looking back at 2020?

Let’s look back at some of my 2020 reflection highlights and take a sneak peek into 2021…!

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My Swiss Story: 2020 – a LEGO kind of year

#1 Creativity, blogging and My Swiss Story

I had always dreamed of blogging but never dared to start. During the lockdown in spring I stumbled upon a few online courses, one about writing and one about photography. I got an urge to start writing and boy, that felt amazing.

As if all the stars in the Universe were aligning, later in spring I was asked to start blogging for My Swiss Story and become part of the new editorial board as Home and Lifestyle Editor. What a privilege it’s been and an absolute honour to meet and work with these talented ladies! I’ve found my creative vein again (which had been buried somewhere deep under the other LEGOs for too long) and started to truly enjoy myself writing, photographing and creating meaningful and valuable content.

#2 Family, time, calm and nature

How precious wasn’t this spring to our family! We will never forget how calm and relaxed our empty diaries made us feel. We suddenly had time for all those long hikes both near and far in the mountains, the bike tours, the board games and movie nights, all spent together as a family.

But there was of course also a downside to this amazing LEGO brick called family: being an entrepreneur, having 2 small kids at home 24/7, homeschooling them, and a previously frequent traveller husband who suddenly works from home 100% and spends 90% of his days on the phone. We cried, we laughed, we argued, we hugged, we kissed and made up, we danced, we worked out together and we were frustrated, worried and angry. The whole spectrum was there.

And lastly there was the additional constant worry about our family members’ and friends’ health back home in Finland. We just had to make space within us for all these feelings, whether we wanted or not. And we all just had to learn to let them be there, observe them and let them go again when ready. Thank you technology for making social distancing bearable. Frequent video calls with friends and family were and still are a lifesaver. Going back home over Christmas is sadly not an option this year.

#3 Keep sane and exercise!

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It is no secret that exercise keeps you fit and healthy both physically and mentally. This year has shown me more than ever that exercise is a total MUST in order for me to keep my sanity! Even a short walk or burst of activity makes all the difference, especially in the morning. This. Is. The. Ultimate. Self. Care. LEGO. Starting the day right.

Some days you just want to stay in bed but the days you go out for that run, or do that short but sweet morning yoga practice or meet likeminded friends at your favourite Mom in Balance outdoor class (even in the pouring rain and without Covid-restrictions obviously!), is when you feel most alive and energised! Not sure many of you even know this, but besides being an entrepreneur I work since several years for this amazing women-only fitness concept to support and keep women and mothers of all levels fit and healthy. And it sure feels good and right to do that. Balance is key.

#4 My Happy Home – celebrate the sanctuary you have created

My Happy Home, my entrepreneurial baby, came to a crossroads this year. Covid interrupted all home visits in one go and forced me to look into new ways of working with clients. At first I was so upset, but looking back now it was actually a very productive, hugely positive business LEGO building break I had. Many creative parts of my business were born or refreshed: my blogs, my Newsletter and my IG, as well as introducing online coaching and workshops. New beautiful collaborations and connections have started to form. My coach told me to celebrate, all of it – and she’s so right! We are not always good at celebrating ourselves as women, too often we put others before ourselves..!


It is that relaxed, calm feeling you have when you’re inside and it’s storming outside.

What I have learned to appreciate more than ever is our curated home and our simplified lifestyle that brings us calm, balance and comfort, especially in times of uncertainty. My sanctuary is my KonMari world of joy and harmony, where less really is more, in all life areas. And no, my home is not picture perfect at all times, far from it, we just have an easily tidied mess 😉

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My Swiss Story: 2020 – a LEGO kind of year

Hello 2021 – you are my year of mindful and intentional visibility

It is not with a heavy heart I’m saying goodbye to 2020. It’s with a heart full of hope, light and excitement!

I challenge and promise myself that

  • I will be kinder to myself
  • I will be enough no matter what I do
  • I will celebrate more, even tiny wins
  • I will be more present in the now
  • I will show up more in life, every day
  • I will continue to inspire and support
  • I will continue to love, do and simply be me

Will you join me in the challenge to becoming mindfully and intentionally visible?

“There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.”

Dalai Lama


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