15 tips to beating the Autumn gloom

beating the autumn gloom

Author: Ann Grandchamp, Mental Health Editor

There are so many great things about autumn that we wait all year for — the pumpkin dishes, the beautiful leaves, the colours, the first snows. Basically, autumn is the season of rain, comfort food, tea and candles. The cold weather creeping in brings changes in sunlight, lower temperatures, and sometimes a slight change in lifestyle. All of these changes could potentially have some tangible effects on your body and mind, no matter how bulletproof you think you are. However, keep in mind that many people are not affected by the seasonal change and that could be you too.

Can you influence the change of season? The weather? I can’t. And the truth is, no one can.

But we can always influence how we react to this change. I strongly believe that as humans we also needs seasons. Just like nature evolves and changes, so are we called to evolve and change. Embracing each season for what it is and how it can help us grow is life enhancing.

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go”. – Author unknown

So today I want to share with you some top tips on how to beat the autumn gloom.

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My Swiss Story: 15 tips to beating the autumn gloom

Tip #1 – Choose joy

Think of joyful memories or turn on some joyful music. Joy is a choice and the quality of your life will be impacted by this choice. If you don’t know how to choose joy anymore, then get in touch with myself or someone else who can help.

Tip #2 – Put a smile on your face

Your body language is hugely powerful and by smiling you are automatically going to release some powerful “feel good and immune system boosting” hormones. On top of that SMILING is contagious! So, when you smile to someone you will automatically initiate a smile in them and they will also benefit from these hormones. And SMILE to yourself in the mirror while you’re at it.

Tip #3 – Create an inner sun tank for yourself

What does it look like? How big is it? What colour is it? What temperature is it? What qualities does it have? Mine never runs empty and fills back up within seconds of me being in the sun. Put your sun tank anywhere you want in your body (I keep mine in my chest area). Draw on it anytime you need to.

Tip #4 – Put your focus on things that make you feel better.

Like friends, family, colours outside, smells, music, movies, hobbys, or clothes that you enjoy and love.

Tip #5 – Light candles

… if you like them. They will add smells and warmth to your home.

Tip #6 – Wear colours.

As things outside become duller and greyer, go the opposite way with your wardrobe and accessories. Add colour to your life!

Tip #7 – Remember holidays in the sun

Immerse yourself in those memories as if you were there now. Use all 5 senses for a deeper experience. The idea here is not to go all nostalgic on me but to remember the good moments. This will change your physiology within minutes.

Tip #8 – Have a clear sleep routine

How many hours do you sleep each night? At what time do you go to bed? What is your evening routine to enhance the night ahead? A good night’s sleep makes a huge difference to your day.

Tip #9 – Go for walks in nature

Even if it’s raining. It’s free and the benefits of being in nature are well proven to help with depression, anxiety, memory and immunity. Be fully present and notice the colours, the smells, the lighting and the things you love about autumn.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all.” – Stanley Horowitz

Tip #10 – Have sex

Yep, I had to put this here. It helps boost the immune system, improves women’s bladder control, lowers blood pressure, lowers heart attack risks, lessens pain, improves sleep and eases stress. And it counts as exercise!

Tip #11 – Think about the food you are eating.

What do you put into your mouth and body each day? Do you eat to fuel your body and give it all the nutrients it needs to boost immunity and stay healthy?

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My Swiss Story: 15 tips to beating the autumn gloom

Tip #12 – Take some time to rest

Having small moments of rest during the day is so important. Rest your eyes by looking far if you work at a computer a lot. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes and be present. Have a hot drink. Read a chapter of a book, listen to a song, etc.

Tip #13 – Set clear limits

Say NO. Stay conscious of how much is too much. Listen to your unconscious. Your mental health will improve, and you will avoid burn out

Tip #14 – Exercise self compassion

Compassion is like a muscle that can be reinforced with practise. It has proven benefits for your mental health. It increases joy, empathy, love and stimulates concentration. Be gentle with yourself.

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My Swiss Story: 15 tips to beating the autumn gloom

Tip #15 – Practice kindness towards yourself and others

One of my favorite ways of being kind is smiling. Kindness is contagious (check out this cool little video by Dr David Hamilton) and has a snowball effect. It increases happiness, promotes a healthy heart and slows down ageing (woohoo!). It improves relationships and our sense of connection.

So there you have them. 15 tips to help you beat the autumn gloom. If others have done it, you can do it. Choose the tips that resonated with you the most and start putting them into practice. Thanks to neuroplasticity (your brain’s amazing ability to rewire itself), they will become automatic and you will notice a change in your everyday life. This is one of my favorite quotes:

“Don’t fake it until you make it. Fake it until you become it!” – Brené Brown

What are you going to do today to be in a good state of being, whatever is happening around you?

Take care! Stay safe!

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