10 proven tips for easy and enjoyable content creation

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Today on the blog we have Pauliina Rasi, she’s a regular on My Swiss Story and given her expertise in content creation and communication – she has put together a list of 10 proven tips for easy and enjoyable content creation.

Content creation while a lot of fun – can sometimes become a time-consuming task far from creativity. We all hit rough patches in content creation from time to time. Whether you’re struggling with finding content ideas, dealing with procrastination, or writer’s block – using the tips below will help you get back on track in just a few minutes.

1. Ask Google for brainstorming help

Everything starts from the idea: if you don’t have fresh content ideas, it’s hard to create engaging content. The easiest and quickest way to find ideas is to start typing keywords related to your area in the Google search bar. Then have a look at the suggestions that the search engine makes you and use those for inspiration. In only five minutes, you have a solid stock of topics that are already search engine optimized!

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2. Try theme brainstorming

Another quick and easy way to come up with new content ideas is to brainstorm around a certain topic or content type for a fixed period of time. 

Before getting started, decide on the theme or topic you want to focus on. It can be a certain content type, like blog posts or motivational quotes, or a certain channel. Set up a timer for three or five minutes, as an example, and get started.

The time limit forces you to concentrate and allows you a “focused working session” without letting your mind wander off.

3. Take a walk!

Yes, sometimes stepping away from your desk gets those ideas flowing. Work on your ideas while taking a brisk walk. This also works if you’re already working on the content but are stuck midway.

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My Swiss Story:10 proven tips for easy and enjoyable content creation, Pic Credit: Google Images

The exercise gets your endorphins flowing which helps your creative thinking and makes you feel good and energized. Just remember to focus on the topic at hand and bring your wandering mind back to the task at hand regularly.

Instead of writing your ideas down, record your voice on your mobile phone.

4. Procrastinator, trick yourself

Is your idea tank overflowing? Time to sit down and start the creative process!

This is often a moment when procrastination raises its ugly head. You know, that voice that says that you absolutely need to fold the laundry, shine your shoes and prepare a fresh veggie casserole from the scratch before starting anything else?

Cheat yourself a little bit to tame the voice of clean laundry and dirty shoes. Promise yourself you only need to work for 15 or 25 minutes. In the best case, the flow finds you – in the worst case, you’ll get at least something done.

5. Peer pressure works, too

Focusing can be hard especially when you work in a home office on your own day in, day out.

Virtual coworking spaces can be a good solution! It gives you accountability and brings you to the company of other people. Sharing the pain of creative work makes it lighter to bear.

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My Swiss Story:10 proven tips for easy and enjoyable content creation, Pic Credit: Google Images

6. Dedicate time for content 

Sometimes procrastination hits when you try to multitask too much or your content creation always falls at the bottom of your task list.  

Dedicated times blocks that are meant only for content creation might help. Set apart a half-day or at least 2 hours at a time, ideally at the same time of the week. 

7. Work in short slots

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to work four hours on your content without a break! Break your content creation slot down into shorter chunks, for example, 45 or 60 minutes slots. Then take a short break and get back to the task.

8. Defeat writer’s block

Got your text rolling? Fantastic!

The last possible roadblock between you and brilliant content is the writer’s block, a stubborn resistance to get anything (decent) on paper. Or camera; creative block doesn’t unfortunately threaten only writers.

If the block comes your way, try to create structure for your piece of content first. Highlight the main points and then work your way toward the details.

9.  Start from anywhere but the beginning

If the creator’s block doesn’t leave you alone, forget the first lines or words and skip to the middle or the ending.  Who says you have to nail down the beginning first? The most important thing is to get started. You can always fine-tune the first lines last.

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My Swiss Story:10 proven tips for easy and enjoyable content creation, Pic Credit: Google Images

10. Ask your audience

What if none of those tips work? Ideas don’t flow, procrastination gets the better of you, or the writer’s block hits you before you reach the finish line?

Try this tip that always works for me: Ask your audience a question! It’s an easy post to create – just a few lines of text or a simple visual. And what’s even better is that you’ll get them to engage with you as well as learn some important things about them through the process!

And remember to have fun with your content creation! Want to get more tips? You can download Pauliina’s guide for easy and fun content creation or check out her blog for more actionable ideas.

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Pauliina Rasi is a communications consultant and copywriter for small businesses with mighty missions. She empowers small business owners to create content that attracts their ideal clients and helps them turn their vision into reality without stress and strain.

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